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A Través De Mi Ventana (Hidalgo #1)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Ariana Godoy

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Level: 🔥🔥🔥

Release Date: November 24, 2020

Pace: Slow Paced

Romance: Slow Burn

Language: Spanish

Synopsis: Español

¡Llega por fin la novela juvenil que está triunfando en Wattpad! Raquel lleva toda la vida loca por Ares, su atractivo y misterioso vecino. Lo observa sin ser vista desde su ventana y es que, muy a su pesar, no han intercambiado ni una triste palabra. Lo que Raquel no sabe es que eso está a punto de cambiar... Ares comenzará a cruzarse en su camino hasta en los lugares más inesperados y descubrirá que, en realidad, Raquel no es la niña inocente que creía. Ahora, Raquel tiene muy claro su objetivo: conseguir que Ares se enamore de ella. Por supuesto, no está dispuesta a perderlo todo por el camino, y mucho menos a sí misma... El éxito internacional de Ariana Godoy en Wattpad: un magnético juego de seducción que te tendrá atrapado en sus redes, ahora con nuevas escenas sobre los secretos de Ares.

Synopsis: English

It used to be that I obsessed over Ares Hidalgo from afar.

But that was before he climbed

Through My Window

Raquel Álvarez is hard working and serious about her future. It’s always just been her and her mom and that’s kept Raquel on the straight and narrow. After all, she’s only got one goal—to become a psychologist. Well, that and to get Ares Hildago to notice her.

For as long as Raquel can remember, she has been obsessed with Ares—known to everyone as the rich, hot, popular playboy. Even though he lives next door, Raquel has never spoken to Ares. Yet, she can’t help thinking there’s more to him . . . and she can’t help imagining what it’d feel like to kiss him.

After a chance encounter reveals her crush is anything but unrequited, their steamy attraction grows into what can only be described as hands-down hot. They fall hard and fast for one another.

Raquel is all in with Ares. But Ares can’t, or won’t, commit, as his struggle with personal and family responsibilities leaves little room for falling in love. The will-they-won’t-they tension is killing her and it may just kill what they have.

What burns bright burns fast, but for Ares and Raquel, can it last?



"Porque el dolor de un corazón roto pasa, pero el saber que dejaste que alguien te hiciera olvidar lo que vales y te pisotee se queda contigo por siempre.
"Because the pain of a broken heart passes, but knowing that you let someone make you forget what you're worth and trample on you stays with you forever."

It's a contemporary romance where the main character Rachel has this obsession with her neighbor Ares.

Initially, I found Raquel a little too obsessed with Ares. However, as the book progresses, Raquel becomes more defiant and begins to stand up for herself. The lack of commitment of Ares also becomes a bit frustrating.


For me, the book had too much drama. Also, the fact that Rachel had three guys pinning for her was just a bit much. The fact that the parents of neither character were ever present was a bit unrealistic. The chemistry between both characters was well written and you could feel the sexual tension between them.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to seeing the movie, which looks fun. If you can read Spanish, I would recommend reading this book in Spanish, as much of the fun is lost during translation.

Movie to be released February 4, 2022 on NETFLIX

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